“fit in 42 changed my life”
We asked Fit in 42 alum Jane, What is a result of Fit in 42 that you weren’t expecting?
Her answer, “losing 38lbs!!! And not craving sugar like I used to. My goal was 13lbs and I lost 12 during Fit in 42. I just kept losing 2lbs every week after the end of Fit in 42. It also made me think about what to eat and the choices I make, where as before I would eat whatever was around.”

We also asked, What would you tell someone thinking about joining Fit in 42?
Her response, “I don’t usually recommend anything unless I see that it works. I used to think the before and after pics from a weight loss program were photoshopped. But after doing Fit in 42 and seeing it for myself I realized it does work. You have to be ready for a lifestyle change and it is a total commitment to sticking with the eating plan and working out. I have never felt better about myself and now I am wearing size 6 pants, which I never did in my life. It is a great program and does work if you are ready to change your life!!”-

I had always been rather active, but carried extra weight on my small frame and I hated it, but had an undeniable sweet tooth! For years my breakfast was a stop at Dunkin Donuts for 2 donuts  🍩  🍩 and a coffee with cream and extra sugar  ☕️! I also drank Pepsi’s everyday and I occasionally ate fried foods until it started tearing up my stomach. I had since given up donuts and Pepsi. I haven’t had either in over 4 years. I tried Jazzercise and the gym at work, but I just didn’t enjoy it. I skate, ski, kayak, road bike, run 5k’s occasionally and ride my horse, but wanted to be healthy and fit. Meggan brought me in to DDF for the Rock my Jeans challenge in Fall of 2016 and loved it so much I joined after it ended. I love the rotational workouts, the members and trainers that are now like family and friends! Last year my fiancé was diagnosed with cancer and we got through that and I want to get in my best shape for that “special dress” that I’ve waited so long to wear! We’ve been together over 20 years and I’m such a lucky girl! After his health scare and my help Rusty is benefiting and eating healthier too! So I got my dress last year and knew I wanted to be at my best for my fitting so I did Fit in 42 last fall and hit my goal and thrilled! I am stronger and perform better in my long distance road bike events and I’m running better times in my 5k’s!! I loved the Fit in 42 program so much I am doing it again to keep myself on track and accountable and I love the workouts! I get kind of grumpy when I miss any workout at DDF! I’ve got definition and I’m toned in areas that were squishy and I feel strong and youthful! I cannot thank Missy and the trainers enough for showing me health and fitness is fun and pays off! I am proud to say I include activity where I can and that working out is now a regular part of my life.  ❤️DDF and Fit in 42!"-sALLY

 “i am stronger mentally and physically”
 “There are so many exciting changes for me since starting but, I think, the most exciting change is that I can actually see and feel my results. Since starting Done Done I have seen my body change - I am stronger and I feel stronger too!! [mentally and physically]”

 ​"My cholesterol was 219 with medication before fit in 42"
I consider myself one of the success stories of Done Done’s Fit In 42 program because of the many things I learned about nutrition and processed food as well as how much my overall health has improved. Of course, it was hard work but the lifelong lessons of the program matched with the challenging strength and cardio classes has enable me to sustain my 15lb weight loss while increasing my muscle mass. Even though I didn’t need to lose a huge amount of weight, I did need to lower my cholesterol. When I started with the program in the spring of 2017 my cholesterol was 219 with medication.   Since then it has continued to steadily drop, and I am now at 149 and looking forward to getting off the medication! Surprisingly my original doctor 10 years ago told me I couldn’t eat enough oatmeal to lower my numbers by food alone – oh how wrong he was!! I also have an underactive thyroid which is a lifelong condition. I had been on the same level of medication for 25 years but since Fit in 42 I am now on lower dosage of medicine. Maybe that is a coincidence, but I think it is just another benefit of eating a nutritionally smart diet and working out regularly.

I think the greatest gift of the program was working with the amazing Done Done trainers who provided endless answers to questions (and continue to!), recipes for terrific meals, accountability for when you start slacking and a supportive atmosphere that ensured each of us remained challenged without getting injured. I have belonged to various gyms for over 35 years but never to one that provides a holistic approach to keeping me healthy like Done Done.  Although it has been over a year since completing the Fit in 42 program, I continue to make good food choices, prepping meals on Sunday and enjoying the various work out classes.  I not only look better but more importantly I feel better too! Thanks Missy – you are the best!!!

"in recent years I would joke that I was a sugar addict, but it was no joke. It was true. I would try to figure those calories into my daily caloric consumption, but I would end up eating 1200 calories of real food and 1000 calories of junk. 2200 calories a day is way too many for me.

My husband would say that he never saw it and now I tell him because I was good at it. Go through the checkout line at the grocery store and grab a candy bar to eat on the way home. I kept candy in my desk. I would taste the first two Hershey kisses, but there were a dozen empty wrappers and I didn’t even taste the last ten candies.

The first thing that I knew I would have to overcome was the morning coffee creamer. I convinced myself that the morning sugar fix in my coffee was what set my day up for disaster because it fed my sugar cravings. It had to stop. I lost a sister to a heart attack on her 54thbirthday. I will be 54 this year.


The results were so uplifting. I lost over 8 lbs. the first week. That was pretty encouraging. Some weeks were less than I would have hoped, but at the end of the 42 days, I was down twenty three pounds of fat, thirteen and half total inches gone and five inches of that was in my waist! The most surprising thing is that I do not miss the sugar. No cravings! No mood swings. I thought that I would be climbing the walls.

There are benefits that you don’t realize before you start. I only need 5-6 hours of sleep now because I sleep so much more sound. People comment about my glowing complexion. Apparently, sugar consumption ages skin. I feel taller – I think that translates into I have more confidence. The sweeter recovery shakes now give me indigestion and taste too sweet for me – I am the one that likes the sickening sweet cake icing, or at least I did. Now I can eat the Greek yogurt without adding fruit. The changes have been incredible."-JOYCE

 ​"18 pounds and I don't know how many inches"
“My 42 days of Fit in 42 are over. I lost 18 lbs and I don’t even know how many inches. I feel great and have no regrets. I didn’t cheat and found myself mentally stronger than I thought I was. This program was a game changer for me. Thank you Missy Muller Staci Lyn Meggan MeGee Reamer and all of the Done Done family. You guys are awesome at what you do. Now onto new goals and finding my balance.”Christie 

“It was December 2017 and I was sitting in my doctor's office waiting for my annual exam, blood work results and the typical lecture about how my situation could change as a result of improving upon my eating and exercise habits. At that point I weighed 164 pounds and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were way above normal even on meds. After I was lectured for the umpteenth time, I mentioned that I was considering Done Done Fitness' Fit in 42 program because my neighbor Jane had such good results. Although I added "I hate to pay for something that is just plain common sense." His reply "How has your common sense been working out for you?". I felt tired and sluggish so I knew something had to change.”

Where is Dee today?
“Today I weigh 125 lbs. When I went to see my doctor in August 2018 he was grinning from ear to ear when he entered the exam room. He gave me the blood profile results with not one item in my profile being either under or over the normal range. First time in probably 10 years. He lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure meds and I am to be checked again in Feb. I feel wonderful! Oh and in addition I shared my Fit in 42 before and after pic with him and he made me promise that I would frame a copy for him to hang in his office. I held my promise.”-