You are what you eat!

You'll never see the those elusive abs unless you're working as hard in the kitchen as you are (or will be) in the gym!  Healthy eating habits (go ahead and throw out the word diet) are absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, a necessity for success in meeting your goals.  Yes, we know that it's tough to stick to a "diet", which is why you won't be "dieting".  We encourage all of our members to make healthy choices when it comes to food choices and eating habits.  We will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that will provide all the nutrition you need without leaving you feeling hungry and unsatisfied.  We promise boiled chicken and broccoli is not the answer to your diet woes.  As part of our members and 30 Day Personal Training Experience we offer a nutritional analysis.  You will receive nutrition guidelines to get you stared.  And yes, if your need is to eat a burger every once in a while, we can accommodate.        


Semi Private TRAINING & team training? What's that all about?

Our semi private training is the most popular training program for those who want results. One trainer works with several clients during a shared time of training, each with their own workout.

Team training is a high energy, large group environment in which we offer two versions each week-metabolic & total body. Metabolic is our version of a cardio workout. You will burn calories and get your metabolism revving. Total body training burns calories, builds lean muscle to boost your metabolism for the long term. 

Why try Done Done Fitness training?


*Motivation: There is nothing more motivating than having some friends, old or new, working and sweating right there beside you. 

*Accountability: Skip a week and we promise your group members will never let you forget it. When you sign up for semi private training you aren't just making a commitment to yourself, you're committing to being a part of something bigger. 

*Family: Shed sweat, tears and pounds together in a killer workout. Set new personal records and share your personal victories. Congratulate and motivate each other. Become a family of fitness. Once you are here, you will never want to leave. 

*Affordability: At half the cost of private training, semi private is a custom program at an affordable option.